Bethany College to Offer Esport Gaming Management Minor

Bethany College has added an esport gaming management minor to its list of latest offerings at the college.
The minor will educate students on the basics of developing and administrating esport events. With implementation going into effect in the Fall 2023 semester, students will have the chance to pair their academic components with their co-curricular activities.
The esport sector generated about 450 million viewers in 2020, with $1 billion generated in revenue. The video game industry generates approximately $184.4 billion in revenue every year. Technological fields such as these have shifted along with the interests of developing generations to create a substantial, lucrative sector within the business landscape.
“The addition of an esport management minor shows continued improvement in our academic landscape,” said Bethany President Dr. Jamie Caridi. “We are enthusiastic to offer students the chance to partake in an educational journey that is modern and focused on the technological shift we have been observing within the last two decades. We hope that the inclusion of this minor will help us to continue building for a lifetime.”
Pairing the esport management minor with majors such as business, computer science, marketing and management will pave new avenues for current and prospective students to follow career pursuits in the fields of content creation, product and project management, design and production management, as well as entrepreneurial projects.