Bring the Ballpark Home for Baseball Season

Opening Day (complete with fans in the stadium) has finally happened for the season, and a stunning desktop replica of a favorite stadium brings team spirit and energy into your home, whether or not you — or your favorite sports fan — attends a game in person this year
Many sports stadiums, both old and new, are works of architectural elegance. The exquisite replicas from Westbrook Sports Classics present these iconic structures from a new perspective that lets fans enjoy the beauty of their favorite ballparks at home. The stadium reproductions measure approximately 7 by 7 inches, weigh approximately 10- 12 pounds, perfect for a desk, table, or bookshelf, and come with a protective acrylic case.
The models are designed and created by John Kimball Westbrook, an award-winning artist whose background includes both architecture and commercial art.
Westbrook also spent time in Washington, DC, on a scholarship to study with Italian stone carvers during the completion of the National Cathedral, where he developed his passion for sculpture. “Over the past 30 years, I have worked with different fine art mediums, including carving marble, granite, various semi-precious stones, bronze, wood, ivory, silversmithing, drawing and painting,” Westbrook explains on his website.
The limited-edition ballparks are cast in a bronze composite and mounted on a natural black marble base.
Westbrook creates each mold by hand over a period of approximately two months. Fans will appreciate the attention to details, such as hand-painted seats and the use of tiny crystals inserted into light poles that refract light to give the appearance of the stadium at night.
The Westbrook Sports collection to date features 17 Major League Baseball stadiums, historic and current, including Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox; Candlestick Park, the former home of the San Francisco Giants; the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley Field; and both old and new versions of Yankee Stadium.
All Major League Baseball trademark copyrights are used with the permission of Major League Baseball. Westbrook plans to expand the collection to National Football League stadiums, NCAA college stadiums, and British football (soccer) stadiums as well.
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