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All Fees Waived in Honor of Anniversary

December 21 will mark the Brooke County Public Libraries 67th Anniversary of being Incorporated. We thereby are giving back to our patrons!
The libraries want the patrons of our communities to have equal access to information. We know that the patrons of our community use the library for a multitude of uses that range from career/job based, educational, and entertainment needs. We recognize that due to high fines and items that have not been returned, this prohibits the use of some-if not all- of the library services.
Currently the library does not charge overdue fines for books, audiobooks, and CDS. However, we do for DVDs as well as any replacement or processing fees.
This is the perfect time to visit the library during the month of December 2022 to have any overdue fines AND replacement/processing fees forgiven as long as your physically visit one of our circulation desks.
Any questions can be directed to either circulation desk.