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Cloak and Dagger Explores Time and Space in Saturday Matinee

The Ohio Valley Cloak and Dagger Company continues its sixth season of Cloak and Dagger On the Air at 4 p.m. this Saturday, March 18, at Top of West Virginia Convention and Visitors Bureau with Cloak & Dagger On the Air: Time and Space. Admission is free, although donations are greatly appreciated.
Doors open at 3:30 p.m. with live music by R.J. Gaudio, Troubadour, who will perform pop, rock, and folk music favorites. Light refreshments will be available. The program will also livestream from The Ohio Valley Cloak and Dagger Facebook page starting at 3:30 p.m.
Time and Space will reimagine three classic science-fiction audio dramas from the Golden Age of Radio, all of which were originally presented on the beloved anthology series, X Minus One.
“Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, especially 1950s science fiction,” Pete Fernbaugh, artistic director and head writer for Cloak and Dagger, said. “The stories often have an ambivalent tone, the scars of two World Wars coloring their outlook and skepticism over rapid technological advancement and its usurpation of the human will providing a great deal of the dramatic momentum.”
The stories are: “The Tunnel Under the World” by Frederik Pohl and adapted by George Lefferts; “How-2” by Clifford D. Simak and adapted by William Welch; and “A Pail of Air” by Fritz Leiber and adapted by George Lefferts.
“These tales are thought-provoking, satirical, and touching,” Fernbaugh said. “The authors’ concerns will resonate with contemporary audiences, because we share their concerns, especially as scientists and tech oligarchs recklessly forge ahead with AI and government entities boldly and belligerently seek to legislate and censor what humans think, feel, and say.”
This month’s cast includes Rob DeSantis, Bethany Fernbaugh, Pete Fernbaugh, Robert J. Gaudio, Noah Hilton, Odessa Hores, Nancy Longo, Karissa Martin, and Malachi McClendon, with an original score composed and arranged by Roberta Fedoush and sound effects by the Holy Foley Molies.
Top of WV CVB is located at 3539 Main Street in Weirton. Ample parking is available behind the building, where there is also an entrance. Individuals with mobility impairments may more easily enter through the building’s front entrance.
Cloak and Dagger On the Air is a monthly theatrical series from The Ohio Valley Cloak and Dagger Company that celebrates audio drama from all eras, particularly the fabled Golden Age of Radio. By reimagining classic radio dramas and literary works, along with presenting original stories written and produced by independent writer and actor Pete Fernbaugh, Cloak and Dagger On the Air strives to give audiences an immersive experience that engages the theatre of their imagination in creating a fully realized storytelling adventure. The Cloak and Dagger On the Air podcast completes the experience by presenting these stories in the way they were meant to be seen: by the mind’s eye. For more information and for updates on our live and recorded productions, please visit The Ohio Valley Cloak and Dagger Company’s Facebook page.