American Legion Post 34 Helps Helping Hero’s with Donations

American Legion Post 34 has been hard at work raising money for Helping Hero’s for the past six months.
Helping Hero’s is an organization that helps veterans that are homeless to gain a home, job and security.
Post 34 is a small organization of 57 people and to date has organized two van loads of non-perishable items and over $850 in cash.
Under the leadership of Post 34 bartender Marie Lauch, it is planned that every couple of months non-perishable goods and monetary donations will be taken to Helping Hero’s.
Everyday non-perishable items are needed such as toiletries, paper towels, toilet paper, canned goods, new blanket and sheets, and pillows, according to Darren Cofer, Case Manager at Helping Hero’s.
Those items do not stay long once they are received. On the Post’s second trip with donations, Helping Hero’s housed two veterans in Weirton and had gone through all donations brought on the first trip, due to the coffers beign so low.
Anyone wishing to donate may do so by dropping off their donations at the American Legion Post 34, 700 Main St., Wellsburg or bring them directly to the Helping Hero’s, located at 44-16th St., Wheeling. Those taking donations directly to the Helping Hero’s location are asked to let them know that Post 34 sent you.