Boys State Recruitment Underway in Brooke County

The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State (ALMBS) is thrilled to announce the commencement of its recruitment drive for the 85th session, scheduled to take place June 11-17, 2024, at West Virginia University Jackson’s Mill. ALMBS, renowned as “West Virginia’s premier Leadership Academy,” is now actively seeking enthusiastic young men from across West Virginia to participate in an immersive week of learning and growth.
Established in 1936, ALMBS is dedicated to educating and training West Virginia’s youth in the democratic republic form of government, emphasizing the importance of our nation’s most cherished freedoms. With the guidance and sponsorship of The American Legion, the largest wartime veteran’s service organization, ALMBS nurtures and mentors the leaders of tomorrow, promoting patriotism, honor, and civic engagement.
The program offers a transformative experience that shapes the lives of its participants, providing them with numerous benefits that last a lifetime. Beyond gaining a comprehensive understanding of their rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities as franchised citizens, attendees have the opportunity to apply for scholarships, accumulate extra merit points for admission to military service academies, and build a diverse network of connections across the state. Over its 84-year history, The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State has empowered approximately 31,000 individuals with the tools for success.
Last year’s graduates from Brooke County, deserve special recognition for their exceptional achievements during the 84th ALMBS session. These remarkable young men have displayed outstanding dedication, leadership, and a commitment to the principles of Americanism and citizenship. We congratulate the following Brooke County graduates:
To learn more about The American Legion Mountaineer Boys State and to apply for this life-changing experience, please visit our official website at For inquiries, interested individuals may contact their local American Legion Post, their high school guidance counselor, or The American Legion Department of West Virginia Headquarters at Are you ready to be part of the “Men of Tomorrow”?
The American Legion also extends its gratitude to all those who generously contribute to these programs each year. The success of ALMBS and similar initiatives relies on the support of local businesses, individuals, and community-minded organizations. Those interested in sponsoring a future “Citizen” can contact their local American Legion Post. Currently, the sponsorship cost for the Boys State program is $350. Recruitment efforts will continue until all available slots are filled. The American Legion deeply appreciates the support of communities throughout the state, and we salute you!
The American Legion Auxiliary holds the American Legion Auxiliary Rhododendron Girls State (ALARGS) program at Davis and Elkins College for those female juniors who are interested in a similar program; more information on ALARGS can be found at