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Want to help your local newspaper and other businesses? Here’s how

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Taking an online survey isn’t a whole lot of fun. They can be boring to fill out and time-consuming. However, West Virginians have the opportunity to take a survey that will not only help local businesses and industry leaders understand the shopping needs of their consumers, but help their local newspaper as well. Oh, and there is also the chance to win $1,000 once the survey is completed. 

How will this help my local newspaper? 

Local businesses purchase advertising in newspapers because they want you, the consumer, to buy what they are selling. Hundreds of newspapers, including some in West Virginia, use data from the independent firm Pulse Research to gain a better understanding of their readers’ future purchasing plans. This data ensures that the advertisements seen in print newspapers, and on the newspaper’s website, capture the needs of their local readers. 

Why should I complete the survey?

Pulse Research needs more purchasing data from West Virginians to ensure you are seeing ads that are relevant to you. Your input will help local businesses and industry leaders better serve you and those in your community. Plus, there is that chance you will win $1,000 from Pulse Research. 

How to access the Pulse of America 2024 survey 

Go to https://www.pulsepoll.com/

Will Pulse Research sell my information? 

Responses remain confidential, and you will remain anonymous. After completing the survey, Pulse Research vows to not spam you in any way. 

You started out by saying that taking an online survey is boring and time-consuming. Seriously, why should I do this? 

Your local newspaper and local small businesses need you. Click Here to take the survey and then enter to win $1,000. 

Okay, I will take the survey. How long do I have?

The survey will remain open until May 31.