Bethany College Celebrates Professor Collaros’ Last Lecture

It was an evening filled with music, history, and heartfelt memories as Bethany College bid farewell to Professor Pandel Collaros, a revered figure in the world of music education, during his final lecture. Collaros took the stage one last time to deliver an unforgettable performance, leaving the audience in awe and admiration.
The musical journey broke down Collaros’ illustrious career into distinct segments, much like the structure of songs. His commitment to making and sharing music for 18 years is an attestation to “the use of rock ‘n’ roll as a serious scholarship subject.”
Throughout the evening, Collaros shared stories of his studies of iconic musicians, such as Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix, and encouraged the audience to dive into the gritty narratives concealed within rock ‘n’ roll’s scholarly discussions with a beautiful ballad of “In the Wind.” He fondly recounted how Harry, friend and fellow musician, taught him some stuff about invaluable musical techniques and the art of changing chords.
Expressing his admiration for the students at Bethany College, who share his passion for music, Collaros invited the Rock Ensemble to join him on stage. Together, they performed Fleetwood Mac’s iconic hit, “Landslide,” much to the delight of the audience. Collaros was then joined by Professor of World Languages and Cultures Dr. Harold Menz and Assistant Professor of Social Work Kimberly Lawless, who shared their own insights into music’s transformative power and dedicated a heartfelt performance to “experiences in life that raise us up.”
The evening reached its emotional peak as Collaros performed a touching and heartfelt original song, expressing gratitude for all that music had brought into his life. He spoke of “the most beautiful things that happen when preparation meets opportunity,” and thanked his students and colleagues for the support and inspiration they had provided throughout his career.
Collaros’ last lecture concluded with a resounding round of applause from the audience, paying tribute to a man who inspired countless others to explore the beautiful world of melodies and lyrics. He will be remembered as the “magic 8 ball” of music knowledge, always ready to provide answers to those seeking wisdom and ingenuity through music.