WLU Business Professor Receives Scholarship to Present in Brazil

Dr. Vishaka Maskey, Professor of Management and Economics in the Gary E West College of Business at West Liberty University received the Stevens Initiative Scholarship to attend and present previously conducted research at the International Virtual Exchange Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 30 to November 1.
Dr. Vishaka Maskey at the International Virtual Exchange Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil
“I was thrilled to receive the scholarship and share my research with the larger International academic community. I also had the opportunity to learn about new developments in the field from leaders around International Virtual exchanges and network with possible new partners. After the conference, I also shared my learning with the WLU community during International Education Month on November 3rd”, elaborates Dr. Maskey, who currently also serves as Interim Department Chair of Undergraduate Business Programs.
Stevens Initiative Scholars were selected from the larger pool of applicants responding to the general scholarship proposal. Scholars were also invited to an exclusive networking opportunity with Stevens Initiative representatives. The Stevens Initiative is an international leader in virtual exchange, advocating for and investing in virtual exchange opportunities for young people worldwide.
“There were 496 attendees from over 41 countries. The conference has been an opportunity for exchanging knowledge, best practices, and building stronger connections in our VE community”, according to Dr. Maskey.
Virtual Exchange (also known as Collaborative Online International Learning – COIL, Globally Networked Learning, or Telecollaboration) extends authentic opportunities for intercultural and transnational learning to students within K-16 classrooms, as well as through co-curricular activities. IVEC is the largest and most prominent event on Virtual Exchange, providing a forum for instructors, administrators, instructional designers, and educational leaders from institutions around the world interested in technology, international education, and new pedagogies.
Faculty at West Liberty University can find more information at COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) – Global: International Resources (