New Columnist to Appear in The Brooke County Review

Years ago the Brooke County Review had two columnists who wrote a weekly opinion column mixed in with interesting facts or stories. Often times those were the first items read and we looked forward to them every week. It has been several years since we have had the luxury or entertainment of such columnists.
We are exited to announce that our office gal, Heather Tokas, will be picking up the baton and writing under her pen name “Hettie Basil Lighttower” to create a community space of interaction in our new column, “Pull Up A Chair”.
“Pull Up A Chair” will be a hodge-podge of informational nuggets to cheer you up, think about ways to be healthy, to encourage you and to get you thinking. It will be like going to your grandparents’ house. You walk in and they say, “Hello! Pull up a chair! What’s new with you today?” or “How’ve ya been?” Sadly, it is rare to see young folk sitting with their grandparents and getting those loving splashes of wisdom and golden stories of events or family history that bond the family members together.
The first edition of “Pull Up A Chair” will apear in the Friday, Feb. 9 edition of The Review on page 3.
Submissions of feedback or topics of interest to be considered for future inclusion should be e-mailed to [email protected] directly. There is a line up of subjects already submitted, so please be patient if your topic hasn’t been brought to light in the interval of time you would like or expect. It will certainly be considered and a private e-mail reply will be sent as soon as possible.