Pull Up A Chair

By: Hettie Basil Lighttower

Last week we started a discussion about MUSIC is MEDICINE. Today we will continue on with the everyday examples on the topic. Let’s start with those receptor centers of ours. We learned that an E receptor is just above our belly button. But starting at the top of our hat rack is a receptor center for the note B, then on our forehead the note A, next at our Adam’s apple a receptor center for G, then at our sternum (heart area) F and we know about the E, then at our waistline the note D and finally at the tailbone and below is C. Notice these are not in alphabetical order according to placement. We have BAGFEDC in that order from our head down.
There are 7 notes on a music scale and in music class we would have fun associative words to help us remember note names of the lines and spaces of a musical staff. They were different for each clef….. I won’t go into music theory or class but just briefly I’ll reminisce about Every Good Boy Does Fine and All Cows Eat Grass. This provides a basis for creating easy association for our receptor centers: BAGFEDC…… BAG FED Cows….? It could happen! Or you can come up with your own association to jog your memory of what is where.
Ok, so now that we have discovered that ALL seven notes of a musical scale actually resonate with ALL areas of our body respectively from head to toe, “So what?!”, you ask. And, I’m glad you ask!! Now we get to the juicy part. Those receptors actually crave and rely on the BAGFEDC frequencies of their respective note in order to be healthy. Let’s take a step back…. remember a time when you stepped outside and heard the birds sing. How did you feel? Did you enjoy the sound, maybe it put a little pep in your step? Or remember a time when you heard the church bells chime? How did you feel then? Was it awe-inspiring? Did it bring a wave of peace over you? How about hearing the pleasant windchimes on your own back porch(you know, the ones your mother-in-law gave you) or the chimes ringing out from your neighbor’s porch? Did you find yourself wishing the wind would blow again and it didn’t and so then you would just go over to them and give them a nudge for a second dose of peace and calming?
WHY??? Why do birds, bells and chimes feel so good? Each one of those audible-edible chirps, dings and tings naturally have a tone aka note embedded in them! That pitch-perfect note each of them emit, finds its way to our ears, however; more importantly penetrates into our receptors from head to toe respectively. Do you think it was an accident that our Creator designed so many songbirds and varieties of natural bird sounds? How about our very own voices and the variety of voices? We can make musical notes with our voices as well. (Yes, EVEN You! Haha) This is why lullabies sooth a restless baby or young’n’. Little ones are more in touch with vibrations and frequencies than we are. Afterall, they haven’t learned the language yet and pitches and sounds and vibes are all they can comprehend so far. They untaintedly respond to notes and music fairly immediately.
I had a friend to show me their new set of handmade wooden wind chimes hanging outside. He had just purchased them at an event and explained that they are perfectly pitched. “Perfectly pitched? What does that mean? Pitched to what?”, I asked. “Set to the notes we need for our well-being”, he said. Then as he gave them a circular tug and a push the wooden tubes interacted and created such a mesmerizing symphony, I was astonished at how good they FELT. I absorbed every movement they made as if they hugged my soul after entering through my ears. They were an experience not just a bunch of sounds.
Since I now have laid out so many pieces to the puzzle of music and notes and us on paper are you able to begin seeing the big picture of how music can be medicine? We will wrap this topic up next week with showing some of the science and technical research discovered in recent years about it. Until then, be well, listen to the bell……..
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