Pull Up A Chair

By: Hettie Basil Lighttower

There’s a venue in California called the Heart/Math Institute. For over 20 years they have been conducting research on the function of our brain and our heart in relationship to each other and to our body. Through monitors and electrodes “waves” can be documented.
We are all familiar with the lie detector test. That test documents reactions and patterns to energy waves our heart puts out. The results on the paper when taking a lie detector test show whether something is a lie or is the truth based on how our heart has reacted to the questions being asked of us. You see our heart has little neurons just as the brain has. Those neurons respond to our basic survival. So, if we are in truth, all is well with our soul. The neurons respond in a state of comfort and relaxation. They will have little to no response to the peaceful truth. When in this calm state, the heart sends a signal to the brain that all is well.
Once the brain receives the message from the heart, that all is well, the brain then knows what the body needs in that moment. In this truthful peaceful status our brain puts out serotonin, dopamine and other chemicals of satisfaction and healing. When those reach the cells of the body, the body begins to repair. We will also feel happiness and joy and peace. Now this is something we do everyday all day, in every experience. So, if the experience is not “all is well” but it is stressful or even dangerous, our heart will send that signal as well. And on a lie detector test, that will be obvious on the paper. The signal from the heart will show stress and danger.
The Heart/Math Institute(HMI) has taken this amazing knowledge to a higher level and discovered Heart/Brain Coherence. Our hearts are constantly sending signals to our brains. But if our brains are receiving stress signals all day everyday to the body, our body will start becoming ill or tired or show decrease in function. However, HMI in their research have learned that if the brain waves and the heart waves are at peace, they are in tune with each other and have the same pattern as each other. When this happens it is called coherence. I am sure you have heard the term…”on the same wavelength”. That’s what this would be. So when that happens, your brain sends out all those healing compounds I just mentioned and it changes the processes in your body to create not only healing, but also reversal of damage.
Because we cannot depend on our days to be all butterflies and rainbows, to put out those good chemicals to reverse damages in our body, this thing called heart-brain coherence can be created!!! All you have to do is three simple things. Slow your breathing down, put your hand on your heart and think of a time when you felt gratitude, love or cared for. It sounds simple, right? This is where your imagination comes in!!! Place yourself into a memory that we very meaningful and real. Feel that feeling you had at that time. Close your eyes if it helps. Take slow long breaths, imagine that person place thing or experience while having your hand on your heart. Voila!
You will notice a calming right away. If you don’t ….. try until you do. It is a real thing and it creates real health naturally for you. It will actually repair your telomeres!!! Telomeres or the tips of our DNA strands that deteriorate as we age. Their deterioration is what CAUSES aging. You can research this for yourself. So if you are repairing them… the science shows, then you are reversing your aging process!!! I look forward to hearing from you and your success stories with this. Send in your notions and comments to [email protected]. I will include them in the next available column as per their arrival relative to the publication deadline of Tuesday by 12 p.m. of the same week. If you wish to be anonymous let me know. Kindness is contagious~*