WV Department of Health Announces Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Available

The West Virginia Dept. of Health has announced that those 65 and older are eligible for an additional dose of the updated COVID-19 vaccine, following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent recommendation. 
“As the data consistently shows, those who are older and immunocompromised are the most vulnerable to the severe effects of COVID-19,” said secretary Sherri Young.
“It is for this reason we encourage those individuals to strongly consider getting an additional dose.”
West Virginia’s Pan Respiratory Dashboard shows only 36 percent of West Virginians over the age of 61 are up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccines.
The dashboard also shows that more than 100 West Virginians died from COVID-19 in the last year, with the average age of those individuals being 73.
Under current recommendations, those 65 and older can receive an additional dose of the vaccine at least four months after the previous shot.
The updated vaccine targets both the original strain of the virus and newer variants, offering broader protection, officials say.