Muzzleloader Deer
Season to Start Dec. 12

West Virginia’s muzzleloader deer hunting season will be open Dec. 12-18, and hunters who want a chance to harvest an extra deer must purchase their RM or RRM stamp before the season starts.
“The muzzleloader season offers an opportunity to pursue deer with a firearm when fewer hunters are hitting the woods compared to the traditional buck firearms season,” said Holly Morris, aDNR assistant district wildlife biologist.
“Also, there is an increased possibility of hunting in the snow during muzzleloader season, which offers a unique deer hunting experience.”
Resident hunters may harvest one deer on their base license. Nonresident hunters must purchase a Muzzleloader Deer Hunting Stamp (Class VV) in addition to their statewide hunting license.
During the muzzleloader season, antlered deer are legal in all counties that have a buck firearms season and deer of either sex are legal in all counties or parts thereof that have a Class N or NN antlerless season.
Ten counties or parts thereof require hunters to take an antlerless deer within the county during any regular deer season open to antlerless deer hunting before killing a second antlered deer within the county.
No more than three antlered bucks can be harvested during the regular deer seasons and the 2023 Mountaineer Heritage Season combined.
All hunters participating in the season are required to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of blaze orange.
A bow, crossbow or air rifle cannot be substituted for a muzzleloader during the muzzleloader deer season
Concurrent archery and crossbow hunting is legal during the muzzleloader season and is subject to all archery and crossbow season deer hunting regulations.
Concurrent waterfowl hunting is also legal.