At the Library

The following books have recently been added to the Brooke County Library’s collection:


THE PERFECT ASSASSIN by James Patterson and Brian Sitts. Dr. Brandt Savage is on sabbatical from the University of Chicago. Instead of doing solo fieldwork in anthropology, the gawky, bespectacled PhD finds himself enrolled in a school where he is the sole pupil. His professor, “Meed,” is demanding. She’s also his captor. Savage emerges from their intensive training sessions physically and mentally transformed, but with no idea why he’s been chosen, and how he’ll use his fearsome abilities. Then his first mission with Meed takes them back to her own training ground, where Savage learns how deeply entwined their two lives have been. To prevent a new class of killers from escaping this harsh place where their ancestors first fought to make a better world, they must pledge anew: Do right to all, and wrong to no one.
THE YOUNGER WIFE by Sally Hepworth. “Stephen Aston is getting married again. The only problem is, he’s still married to his first wife, even though she is in a care facility for dementia. But he’ll take care of that easily, by divorcing her–even if his adult daughters protest. Tully and Rachel Aston look upon Heather as nothing but an interloper. Heather is the same age as Rachel and even younger than Tully. Clearly she’s a golddigger and after their father’s money. Heather has secrets that she’s keeping close, and reasons of her own for wanting to marry Stephen. With their mother unable to speak for herself, Tully and Rachel are determined to get to the truth about their family’s secrets, the new wife closing in, and who their father really is. But will getting to the truth unleash the most dangerous impulses… in all of them?” — Provided by publisher.
WYOMING HOMECOMING by Diana Palmer. When Sheriff Cody Banks’s wife died, he blamed Abby Brennan for the illness he’s sure killed Deborah and, in his grief, made sure she knew it. Looking back now, he knows that his behavior was likely the reason Abby left town years ago. So when he sees her–and the child she’s raising–at her great-uncle’s funeral, Cody attempts to apologize, ashamed to see the fear he puts in her beautiful eyes and determined to show her he’s no longer that same angry man. The only reason Abby returned to Catelow, Wyoming, was to bury her last living relative. She has studiously avoided Cody Banks ever since he made it clear how much he resents her, focusing instead on raising her young niece and keeping her own family legacy alive. But when Abby inherits the property adjoining Cody’s, she can’t help but face the handsome sheriff who still lingers in her memory. Circumstances keep pulling them together, but has time healed their wounds and given them a chance at a happily-ever-after?


MONUMENTAL AMERICA by Lisa Brooks. This beautiful book introduces the reader to monuments, statues, and memorials across America, from DC to Hawaii. Learn about monuments to wars, military service, presidents, exploration of the West, losses and tragedies, religion, and industry and innovation. Includes approximately 100 monuments, both historical and modern, from places throughout the country.
THE GREENBRIER RIVER TRAIL by William P. McNeel. The 77-mile Greenbrier Trail follows the railbed of what was once the Greenbrier Division of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. William P. McNeel writes about the history of the railroad, describes the communities the railroad once served, most of which no longer exist, and details the places where hikers and bicyclists can access the Trail. There is information on services available such as food and lodging, points of interest, and suggestions for side trips.


GRETA AND THE GIANTS by Zoë Tucker and Zoe Persico. Greta is a little girl who lives in a beautiful forest threatened by Giants. When the Giants first came to the forest, they chopped down trees to make houses. Then they chopped down more trees and made even bigger homes. The houses grew into towns and the towns grew into cities, until now there is hardly any forest left. Greta knows she has to help the animals who live in the forest, but how? Luckily, Greta has an idea…
TASHLICH AT TURTLE ROCK by Susan Schnur and Anna Schnur-Fishman. Annie leads her family on a Rosh Hashanah hike to observe tashlich, where each person will ask God’s forgiveness for the things they regret doing the previous year. Includes facts about this Jewish custom.