How to Read MonPower and Potomac Edison Bills

By: Charlotte R. Lane, WV PSC Chairman

Today I would like to take a look at Monongahela Power and Potomac Edison’s monthly electric bill and explain it to you.
At the top right of the bill is the date the bill was sent. Right under that is the 12-digit account number.
In bolded black lettering inside a blue box is the amount due. Right under that is the due date.
In the top left of page one, under the company’s name, is the period the bill covers. Below that should be your name and the billing address for where service is provided.
Immediately below that, bracketed between two page-wide bars containing a blue field are three phone numbers. The first is an 888 emergency number. The second number is for customer service. For Mon Power, it is 1.800.686.0022. The third, also an 800 number, is for payment options.
Below the telephone numbers on the left are messages from the company. On the right are four sections called: Account Summary, Usage Information, Charges from the Utility and Detail Payment and Adjustment Information.
The “Account Summary” gives a brief financial summary for the month, the total amount owed, and the date by which it is due. “Usage” shows your meter readings.
“Charges from the Utility” gives an explanation, in plan language, of the monthly charges in the total bill. The final section discusses any payments applied or adjustments made during the billing period.
Down and to the left, a bar graph illustrates your usage over the past year. It is lined out by month for your scrutiny.
Beneath that is a tear-off sheet that asks you to write in the amount you are paying. This sheet reiterates the amount due and the due date. It also includes the address where the bill is to be mailed.
The bill includes a return envelope to make it easier for you.
Page two provides additional details and repeats important telephone numbers. This page also includes a series of five circles that look like clock faces. This is designed to help you read your meter yourself, and a number is provided to call for help.
We at the Public Service Commission hope this explanation will help you read your electric bill. Please use the utility’s customer call line if you have any questions.